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high and mighty robot ([personal profile] distractionary) wrote2010-02-16 09:06 pm

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I know I'm a little late in the month for this, but if I was ever going to live the movie Groundhog Day I would like another chance to get today right.

Horrible unhappy mood, arguments, broken mugs (my two favorites are now both shattered), cut-up finger.

I guess it's good that this is vacation week, anyway, because it's going to be fucking hard to give massages until this heals up. It probably isn't going to need stitches, I think, but it's really fucking hard to type without my right middle finger (I r gud homekeys typist) while I have the huge bandage Rue gave me covering my phalanges.

(all of them, at least in part.)

attempt will be made to go to see Primary Care Doctor tomorrow. I can, very gingerly, type the letter "i" with this bandage on, which is very useful. All other keys ordinarily pressed by this finger are still out, though.

tl;dr – whine my finger hurts, whine today sucks, whine I wish all my medications didn't keep me from drinking wine.