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high and mighty robot ([personal profile] distractionary) wrote2010-03-30 12:21 pm

in order that I not forget to mention this again later...

at some point I am going to post a (filtered) picspam (a smallish one, I think!) and ramblespam about some of the many fictional characters (almost all male) swimming around my head.

(there is no lifeguard on duty.)

there are currently two people who have expressed interest in seeing this. one of them lives with me and the other one did not miss the small note posted previously.

If you are interested in seeing this, by which I mean seeing the way the inside of my head works and getting a VERY rough idea of who many of my noisiest characters are, this is the place to tell me that you are interested!

(if it is ~the future~ and you are looking back through my Old Entries and see this, because for some reason you felt the need to swim back this far having added me or while deciding whether to add me, and you are interested, go ahead and comment anyway and I'll let you know where it is once I've added you to the filter, whoever you are.)
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[personal profile] dpfesh 2010-03-30 05:26 pm (UTC)(link)
I love reading things! :D
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[personal profile] delight 2010-03-30 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I doubt "noisiest" in all cases! I mean, I didn't have anything of Nell, the only one who would've gotten as much text as was actually appropriate (I talked too much on some of them, because obviously 2-3 sentences is really enough -- it's about the picture!!! -- but I would've explained nell more) ... though I guess you do have at least that one picture of Connor. Cropped so you can't see the hair.
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I'm interested. I have no idea what characters you play anymore, but the ones you did way back when were always interesting.
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I'm interested!
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[personal profile] finch 2010-03-31 04:47 am (UTC)(link)
I'm definitely interested. I've been thinking about doing something similar.
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[personal profile] nehi 2010-08-27 06:06 pm (UTC)(link)
Because I forget DW exists: I am commenting FROM THE FUTURE to say yes I would like to see.
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And I am looking at this MONTHS LATER and am cracking up over it, because I can't remember how I even GOT here (clicking stuff from psalloid, probably?) and I remember basically going "... yeah, that would be nice!"

The only reason I had all the pictures was I spent like SIX HOURS working on finding them. Six. Hours. Uh.
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Pls to be considering this another COMMENT FROM THE FUTURE with a request for link/filter access. ♥
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(since it's been two years since the last comment SO THERE)

:P :P :P

um! work is kind of a disaster recently, although that's coming and going (and I still love my jobbbb~), and I was getting sick this weekend but I seem to have mostly gotten over it, HUZZAH. what is up with you.
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*snorts* your enthusiasm overriding your sense is completely unprecedented, clearly.

I LOVE MY JOB SO MUCH BRADY. I hate talking about it all the time, esp. to people who are not so enamored of their jobs, but *_____* it's awesome. also in order for FEMA to come clean it up for us I think we would have to pin down what the fuck is happening, and I don't know how far they've progressed on that over the weekend. :/

is ... that ... a common thing? *baffled* why would St. Patrick's Day having passed mean more people would be going to your spa? YAY FOR SELF-SUFFICIENCY THOUGH GO TEAM AWESOME BRADY.
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since I really ought to be getting ready for bed anyway but am apparently instead going to sit here and agonize over whether or not I should send Sensibly Attractive Coworker With Weirdly Strong Opinions On Standard Deviation a friend request on Facebook ...

ACTUALLY I think the disaster has passed; theoretically when I get in tonight I will be able to start doing some goddamn heparin testing for real, and I have no words for how happy that makes me.

I find that incredibly strange, but also fascinating at the same time. I wonder why the numbers start to flip on St. Patrick's Day. Subliminal GO GET A MASSAGE messages going out everywhere? (if not it's ... worth a thought ...)

PS if I were anywhere near you I would totes be getting massages from you. Foooor the record.

Did you clean your other set of sheets eventually? :/

(I hear good things and bad things about ADD meds. There's also a joke in there, somewhere, about the dude with ADD forgetting to go see his psychiatrist for meds, but I'm too tired to make it; please pretend I made it without being mean-spirited.

But I remember Mikey changed meds a couple times because sometimes they didn't work. Or possibly you need a booster? Like, he'd take his main meds at 6 or 7 or whatever, before school, and then by the time he got home they'd be worn off and we'd all want to kill him so he'd take a booster and the homicidal rage would go away. I mean obviously if you've considered this, you know, ignore it completely, or stick your tongue out and make derisive comments, but. Thing. *gestures vaguely*)

PS I did a thing on Facebook and you should go answer because I am kind of unsure what to read next.