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high and mighty robot ([personal profile] distractionary) wrote2009-05-13 09:26 am

"Ladies and gentlemen, Lee G***********!"

I woke up this morning in a flare, or at least in flare-like symptoms.

I have taken 200mg of tramadol in the last twelve hours alone. :|

In happier news, I got a DailyBooth. So far I haven't forgotten to take pictures.

Today we are somehow mysteriously combining a trip to Planned Parenthood so I can stop poisoning myself with estrogen as the lesser of two evils, possibly a massage so that on Friday I will have enough logs to turn in, and dinner with [personal profile] invisionary, [personal profile] passerine and [personal profile] esteleth. I believe Rue is also making cookies, although that might end up changing if her health doesn't get better than mine.

edit: and I forgot that she was taking some part of a shift today, too, so I really have no idea when anything's happening but that might put the massage off until tomorrow.

I didn't bring my backpack to school today, because I can't put it on my shoulders, and while I managed to pack everything else into my rolling suitcase I forgot to bring any pens along. I really don't want to have to buy one, but I may have to, as I'm supposed to take a make-up quiz for A&P on our first break today, assuming I have enough brain to do so. Have I ever remembered to study for this? Of course not.

I have a Myology midterm on Tuesday; I have Myology class all week, next week, so our review tomorrow in A&P for its midterm is really badly timed, as the midterm itself is two weeks later. I did not design this schedule; if I had done I would not have designed it like this. I think a week straight of Myo is cruel and unusual punishment to begin with.

Two days after A&P's midterm is my Foundations of Massage midterm, which is an hour of massage on an instructor, taking place in the clinic. We have never yet used the clinic for anything. This is because during our classes it's almost always in use, as the full-time students (both from Fall 2008 and Spring 2009) are in there providing massages to actual clients. This is also poorly scheduled, as I'm pretty sure everyone ever facing their FOM midterm in the clinic has a level of panic from using unfamiliar space. SPR09 students said their FOM finals were much less stressful, because they'd used the clinic space before. I guess the administration isn't paying attention, or figures it's good enough as it is.

I really love having a Dreamwidth account, and have a tendency to keep up on my read list a lot more thoroughly than I do my LJ flist. At the same time, I really wish I had more people here, or more people who would update more frequently. I always end up very sad when the only thing on my read list in the morning is people's automatic Twitter posts from the night before – not because I hate Twitter, although I drastically cut my follow list on Twitter last night as I was spending way too much time looking at it and I don't have a cell phone now anyway, but just because... there's a level of carelessness to a Twitter aggregate that isn't usually there, in an actual crafted post.

Write moar!

(I feel as though I should have brought crochet or knitting to class today. I would feel productive, which is important because I really, really can't comprehend anything that's being said out loud today.)
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[personal profile] delight 2009-05-13 02:50 pm (UTC)(link)
Regardless of the "shift," which is more like ... a meeting and Maciej talking, more than doing much, you're not doing a massage today.

Because you're wrecked and your body doesn't need it.

Maybe tomorrow.
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[personal profile] tiltingheartand 2009-05-13 09:12 pm (UTC)(link)
I am not even entirely certain what I am using my Dreamwidth for yet; given the last post I made, I am thinking of putting all the late-night crazy here instead of on LJ, but like I said, I really don't know.

Also :(. *hugs very carefully*
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[personal profile] carrieann 2009-05-14 04:48 am (UTC)(link)
I'm not completely sure what I'm going to use my dreamwidth for; this one will definitely not be the same thing as my LJ. I'm thinking of having another dreamwidth that -is- the same as my LJ, or at least close.

And I hope you feel better, hon.