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high and mighty robot ([personal profile] distractionary) wrote2009-07-02 09:33 pm

the strange tale of a B. and a truck

today we went to a mechanic's shop to buy a truck.

this is true except in all the ways it's a lie; we went to a mechanic's because the chief of the body shop was selling me the truck, and I needed his signature on a couple pieces of paper (technically only one, more on that later) in order to go to the DMV. that was fine, that was easy, it was signed and all was well and good and we went out to the parking lot, got in Rue's car, and it wouldn't start – of course – because it was humid, and that is the car's one problem, with humidity and having been recently driven. we were at a mechanic's shop. unfortunately, Rue's car is a Toyota, and the mechanic didn't service Toyotas.

when it eventually started, as it is prone to do, we drove to the DMV; we went into line for Information; ten seconds passed, approximately, and a woman asked me what I needed. I said I wanted to know if I had all the right paperwork to register a truck from a private sale; she started looking through it, and handed me back a few pieces, and threw away one of the two pieces I'd gotten carefully signed because the truck is too old to need that page filled out. At some point, after several minutes (which also included updating my registration, what with having moved a month ago and forgetting to change my address-on-file) I realized that, hey, was this actually just information?

"do you have payment?" she asked, and looked at the checkbook I was holding, and I said yes, of course, I just thought I'd have to go stand in the line (and gestured). "oh," she answered, "I thought I'd save you that, since there wasn't anyone standing over there then."

all told, the total time spent at the DMV to register a vehicle and change two ID addresses (as Rue did hers also) was maybe as much as twenty minutes.

goddamn I'm glad I don't live in Manhattan today.
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[personal profile] delight 2009-07-03 02:13 am (UTC)(link)
I had to stand on two different lines, it was such a hassle, I don't know how it will ever stand up to my experiences lining up at the DMV Express by Grand Central a half hour before they open and waiting for two hours just to be noticed ... in time to take a number and sit down again.

The local DMV has let me down greatly.