distractionary: apple in foreground, out-of-focus bridge in background. (Purple.) (Default)
high and mighty robot ([personal profile] distractionary) wrote2009-08-05 09:10 am

gigantic sparkly ellipses of DOOM

on the drive to school, pulling off the highway, all of about fifteen-twenty minutes ago: I'm listening to We Started This Op'ra Shit, with the chorus of happy people singing that GeneCo's got it, you know you want it, baby, GeneCo's got it –

I stop at the light, look right at the lawn sign, and see "GEMCO'S BUYING". No shit I read that as GeneCo first.

I look left, and on a van two lanes over, I see Aurora: Because You Care on the back.

What? I think, and realize what the passenger door says:

Aurora Caskets, Aurora, IL

I just.


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